Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wow, My Father and I Actually Agree on Something

I haven't written in awhile but I decided to write about this because it happens so rarely. I've been discussing this idea with my dad for a couple of years now; that the Western industrialized nations are going to experience a shift in their stature in the world in several ways that primarily boil down to a lower standard of living for a much smaller population. The Eastern nations (China, India and eventually Africa) on the other hand will experience a boom as they come into the 21st Century and beyond, for a younger and larger population, leaving their own mark on history.

I spoke with my dad on the phone today and he said "I heard a program on WHRO TV and thought of our many conversations on this subject and how I disagreed with you. After listening to the program I am now inclined to see that a lot of your points were quite valid." So I decided to listen to the taped program at the Miller Center given by Jack Goldstone The New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends That Will Change the World ( and I understand why my father agrees with me now.

This is not the first time my father has agreed with me on some thought or opinion. In fact it's been happening more and more recently, but our past history contains lots and lots of heated arguments.